The only limit is our collaborative imagination – yours, together with ours.

George Clarke – Channel 4’s Amazing Spaces

To design and build a good shed is one thing. To design a shed that’s as beautiful as this one is another. To design a shed that does both of those things AND rotates with a very clever piece of engineering is nothing short of unbelievable. As unique sheds go, it doesn’t get better than this.

“A bolt-hole which takes full advantage of its most beautiful views. That is an architectural wonder isn’t it? It’s a really elegant form. It looks like it’s kind of landed from outer space.

I love the way you’ve done the path, so it pulls you away from it, you get a bit of a view, and then it comes back to that fantastic curve of the copper. Absolutely fabulous. It’s a great shape. A 7m x 4m elliptical masterpiece transformed a flight of fancy of his imagination into a

Inside; It just gets better and better, I love the shape. The interior of this uber shed has Douglas Fir clad walls, an ash floor and an ultra modern wood burner spot bang in the middle, so you see that, and the view at the same time. The way you’ve designed this thing, it’s all about that beautiful view.

At the flick of a switch, an ultra-smooth ride – this rotating shed, which sits atop a giant bearing, is powered by a 3-phase electric motor with double-reduction gear box. It goes 360°. That is awesome. It’s a really smooth mechanism to rotate what is, actually, a really big shed. It’s not small. (It weighs about 5 tonne) – That is brilliant. Really clever.

For genuine one-offs, this sets the bar sky-high.”

Will Hardie – Designer

“A dynamic shape with that lovely copper curved roof and the mega-trick of rotating infinitely…..picking any view you want. That’s a pretty unique trick.”

Max McMurdo – Designer

“It rotates with the sun. Now that is awesome.”

Janice Long – BBC Radio 2 After Midnight

“A really unusual shed . . . it’s an eco building, it rotates 360 degrees to follow the sun throughout the day . . . it’s absolutely fabulous”

Chris Evans – BBC Radio 2 Breakfast Show


"Every building is a prototype. No two are alike.”

- Helmut Jahn, Architect